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To Stay or To Go?

Amidst the “Great Resignation”, I think many people have been wondering, how do I want to spend my days? This is definitely a privileged question to ask that can only be indulged once basic needs are met, but I think the pandemic helped give space and perspective to ask this.

It’s a question I struggle to answer but think about a lot. It’s often easier to identify how I don’t want to spend it vs how I do! So while I ponder whether to jump ship or stay aboard and try to repair the holes. Here are some reflections on how I don’t and do want to spend my time at work, which is such a huge fraction of most adults’ lives:

How I don’t want to spend my time:

Meaningless form filling for procurement, for IT requests, to apply for required documentation like passports or licenses — I hope AI brings an end to this someday. People may have their reservations about AI, but this is one area I think we could all agree on

Dealing with rigid organizational process that doesn’t serve effectively or efficiently

•Having to send constant follow-up emails to check on progress — another thing that hopefully can be automated

How I do want to spend my time

On work that is meaningful (clearly I’m a Millennial) in that it helps to solve interesting problems, benefits communities, and the environment

Learning and exploring old and new ideas that can help address these problems or even just allows for intellectual curiosity and creativity

Collaborating with passionate like-hearted individuals who are also interested in doing meaningful work

I know that there is no perfect job or company and accept that almost no one likes 100% of what they do all the time, but there is some internal calculation always running in the background for when things start to tip too far towards the negative aspects. I feel a bit like I’m teetering on that edge of that balance at the moment. I also wonder if maybe we all think that there’s something better out there, and then end up feeling disillusioned in a few years as initial excitement wears off, and maybe it’s okay for a job to just be a job? I’m still learning how to be a bit more detached — will write about that another day.

Are you considering changing jobs or industries?

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