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Creatures of habit - Part 1

(Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash)

I was going over research notes from a project work, and one of the participants mentioned how her son who has autism is a creature of habit. Then one of the other participants quipped that we're all creatures of habit, to which everyone laughed. It's a simple but accurate phrase to describe human beings, and it got me thinking about what habits I have that I might want to break or what new ones I want to create.

Here is my third quarter 'habit assessment':

Helpful 'Old' Habits

  • Morning yoga and dance routine

  • Evening devotional and prayer time

  • Daily walk or other form of meditative exercise

Helpful 'New' Habits (still in progress)

  • Writing a blog piece everyday

  • Visiting the library every few weeks

  • Practicing violin at least once a week

  • Calling my parents more than once a week

Unhelpful habits (that I want to break)

  • Staying up too late, watching a tv show, on social media, or binge reading

  • Eating junk food before/during my period

  • Skipping meals when I get busy at work

My goal is to try and cement my helpful 'new' habits and to break some of my unhelpful habits before the end of the year. Some resources on how to break habits and form habits:

Do you think it's harder to develop new habits or to break old ones?

  • Make new habits

  • Break old habits

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