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Research Publications

Lina Taing, C. C. Chang, S. Pan & N. P. Armitage (2019) Towards a water secure future: reflections on Cape Town’s Day Zero crisis, Urban Water Journal, DOI: 10.1080/1573062X.2019.1669190

Pan, S.M., Armitage, N.P. & van Ryneveld, M.B., 2018. Assessing equity: a way to improve sanitation service delivery in South African informal settlements. Journal of Water Sanitation & Hygiene for Development, April 2018.

Pan, S.M., Armitage, N.P. & van Ryneveld, M.B., 2015. Sustainable and equitable sanitation in informal settlements of Cape Town: a common vision? Water SA, 41(2), pp.222-231.

Pan, S.M., Armitage, N. & van Ryneveld, M.B., 2013. Why getting a toilet does not solve the sanitation crisis: Experience from Cape Town. In 34th IWA Development Congress & Exhibition.

Pan, S.M. & Armitage, N.P., 2011. An application of soft systems methodology to water and sanitation projects in Barcelona informal settlement. In Water Institute of South Africa 2011 Conference.

Projects and Consulting

NY Rising Community Centers Infographic

Lien Aid - Planning and Strategy (2017)

Worked on a three person consulting team for Lien Aid (Singapore-based WASH NGO) to assist with five year strategy planning. Including an analysis of potential countries for program expansion, a market mapping and landscape review of key players in the sector providing water kiosks to underserved communities and generated ideas for a potential shift in program focus.

Palmer Development Group (2015)

Conducted interviews with subject matter experts and a desktop review on social and institutional barriers to sanitation service provision to backyard and informal settlement dwellers in the Western Cape, South Africa. Produced a summary of findings as part of a preliminary proposal for the Western Cape Sanitation Game Changer initiative.

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