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Finding home

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

(Photo by Henry Xu on Unsplash. Living in a hobbit home in Middle Earth is pretty close to my ideal including all the tea times :) ).

In the last 10 years, I've lived on 2 continents, 5 cities, 7 apartments. Some of my friends joke that I'm a nomad and probably can fit all of my things into a backpack. While I definitely have amassed more than a backpack's work of things (more like a large storage closet), each time I move, I learn to let go of more items. I tend to keep the original boxes for appliances just in case I move again. There's always been a sense of temporariness to the places I've lived.

I realize that home is an elusive concept and isn't necessarily an actual physical place in many senses. Home can be people. Home can be a feeling of safety and security. Home can be as simple as being comfortable in your own skin.

Maybe I'm greedy to want all of these things AND the chance to live somewhere that satisfies my heart's desire to live in a place with natural beauty, a well designed built environment, community, and social and cultural amenities that ideally doesn't cost you your first child for housing.

This isn't exactly a resolution for 2022, and I believe that my true home is in Heaven, but I'm hoping that this is the year that I find something as close to it as is possible on this earth. For anyone else seeking home of any kind, I hope this is the year that you find it <3.

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